Thursday, September 29, 2011

New Shoes Delight

Tonight, while Robert was at a dinner meeting with important people, I worked with Nolan on his homework, helped Abby use the potty about 19 times, fed my kids ham sandwiches from Subway (because I'm lazy), looked at Pinterest for about 32 minutes longer than I should have, used every bit of willpower I have to force myself to walk away from Pinterest (at least until I put my kids to bed), pj'ed myself, N, and A, cleaned up toys for about five minutes, collected all of the pillows in the house onto the freshly cleared living room floor, turned on Beyonce (Abby loves her), and rocked out a pillow fight that I allowed to last about five minutes longer than usual (yes, pillow fights on the living room floor are a common event in our house).  After all of that we ended the night with the usual ritual of teeth brushing and threatening Abby that all of her teeth are going to fall out if she doesn't open her mouth and let me brush (because I'm just that kind of mom), doling out allowances ($1 for Mr. N, a quarter for Miss A) reading books, and hittin the sack.

As I was skipping to my bedroom to retrieve money out of the hidden allowance pot (yes, I was skipping), I realized that I was in a great mood.  I'm still in California without my friends and fam, Robert had missed the entire night with us because of a meeting, I had a lackluster Subway sandwich for dinner that I didn't even finish because of it's lacklusterness, my house is slightly messy, I realized just before putting my pj's on that the shirt I had been wearing all day was poofy in the 'is she pregnant?' kind of way (I should really invest in a full length mirror),  and yet, I was in a good mood.  Is it possible that I'm shedding all of my ridiculously absurd self-pity?  Is it possible that I CAN survive and adjust to change?

Maybe it's only because I bought a pair of shoes today to wear to Robert's premiere on Monday night.  Shoes usually do put me in a good mood.

Happy Birthday Mom and Dad!  I wish we were there to celebrate with you both this year, like we were last year.

This is what school does to Nolan.  He always konks out in car on the way home (in his defense, it is a 45 minute drive).  I carried him in yesterday and he continued his nap on the couch for longer than I should have allowed.  At bedtime he got out of bed three times to use the bathroom, once because he was thirsty, once because he needed chapstick, and once because his legs were burning.  That's what naps do to a five year old's parents - they cause bedtime chaos, which is never a good thing.  I have only myself to blame though.  I was enjoying a bit of free time while he was napping and Abby was ipad'ing on the potty. 

After I took the picture of Nolan napping on the couch Abby said 'take picsur me Mommy!', so I turned the camera in her direction and she promptly covered her face with her hat.  That dollar hat from Target is one of her favorite things in the world.  

Nolan wrote another book.  This time it was about Beast Wars.  The last one that he wrote was about Transformers and we left it in Kentucky (I believe it's in the 'special-things-to-keep-forever' box).  It's the cutest thing in the world (really, the world).  He drew all of the pictures, threw a bunch of letters together that don't actually form real words, had me staple it, and then read it to me.  A-dorable I tell ya. 

Butterflies have to use the potty too.  And they really like snacking on Cheerios.  

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