Wednesday, September 7, 2011


This afternoon, as we drove home from school, something amazing occurred.  I asked Nolan questions about his day . . . and he answered them.  He told us about his three new friends (he couldn't remember their names but said that one of them was wearing a dark red shirt), the rock wall that he climbed on at the playground, the snake that he saw in a book, and the soccer game that he didn't play in.  I had to look in the back seat to make sure they hadn't put the wrong kid in the car.  He doesn't usually do this.  His answer to 'what did you do today?' will almost always be 'nothing'.  You know that he went to a movie, ate at his favorite restaurant, and played at the park, but he will tell you that he didn't do anything. 

This is a good sign.  I think kindergarten just might workout fine.

 The obligatory backpack-before-leaving-for-school picture.
 Abby missed Nolan in the morning.  

 She asked if she could watch Tinkerbell.  I told her that we left Tinkerbell in Kentucky.  After pondering this disappointment for a few seconds she replied, 'watch Dipicaba Me' (Despicable Me).  I said, 'Are you sure you want to watch that?  You could watch 'Mary Poppins'!  It has music, and pinguins, and flying umbrellas!'  She pushed the Mary Poppins dvd that I was holding, out of her face and said, 'Dipicaba Me!  Noah (yes, she calls him Noah) like it!'  I told her that Nolan was in school and she could watch what she wanted without worrying about what he liked.  But, she insisted on watching 'Dipicaba Me', and so she climbed onto our oversized chair that swallowed her up beneath the softest blanket in the world, and watched the entire movie.
 After the movie we played dinosaurs in Nolan's room.
 She played with my phone while we waited for Nolan (we were early) at a nearby cafe.  She kept asking 'where Noah?'
This was right after he got into the car at his school.  He was in such a great mood!
We told Nolan that he could choose what we had for dinner tonight since he did such a great job at school.  It certainly wasn't what I would have chosen, but I'm not a kid who really wants a Ben10 toy.  Darn you McDonald's and your evil marketing team!  Even Abby, only two years old, was singing "going to McDoneeolds" as we walked in the door.  

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