Sunday, September 18, 2011

Life Is Good

So last night was a pretty cool night for this little 'ole girl from Kentucky.  Robert and I got all dolled up and went to the Motion Picture and Television Fund pre-Emmy party.  It was a night of, 'oh, I know that guy he's on 30 Rock', 'Holy heck, I'm standing two feet away from Mr. Big!', and 'look over there - it's Marcia Gay Harden!'.  It was seriously a bucket full of fun.

I had a short conversation with Kathy Griffin, who I love.  Seal (singer, Heidi Klum's husband, which is he more famous for?  I just don't know) bumped into me while putting his cigarette out in a flowerpot I was standing next to,  and I met Jeff Garlin (Curb Your Enthusiasm), Jon Hamm (Mad Men), and Idris Elba ('Stringer Bell' on The Wire).

Hp had a crowded photo booth where everyone was taking pictures, printing them out, and then going to mingle with the rest of the famous people.  We were standing in line and Robert said 'I'm going to go get Jon Hamm (aka Don Draper from Mad Men) and make him take a picture with us because that would be hilarious!'.  Robert knows Jon Hamm because they both have shows with AMC and therefore have been at many of the same events, but I thought it was kind of tacky.  If you start an acquaintance-ship (really, can it be called a friendship yet?  He's not exactly calling us up to borrow an egg for his pancakes, or anything) with a famous person, you don't abuse it by treating them like they're famous, right?  I'm probably just a stick in the mud, but I told him not to do it.  So, we continue to stand in line at this crowded booth waiting for our turn, Robert is repeating his argument that we should totally do it because anything is worth a laugh, and we see Niel Patrick Harris in the booth waiting for a picture that he had taken with four other people (that he presumably knew) to print.  Robert walks behind him and asks, 'hey, will you take a picture with my wife and I' and NPH is all like, 'yeah'.  So, we did it.  My regret is that we didn't do something goofy in the picture.  It all happened so fast, and the booth was so crowded, and I'm not very fast on my feet when I'm in the presence of Doogie Howser, so we ended up with the picture above (it just wouldn't be right to have a paragraph about Neil Patrick Harris without mentioning Doogie Howser).  I'm still happy with it and it was still hilarious.  I love my husband.

The highlight of the night came just before we made our exit.  We were doing a last lap around to find some friends and say goodbye when I saw a person standing in a corner who I was pretty darn sure I recognized.  But my brain was saying 'No.  It isn't possible you idiot.  How stupid are you?'. So I turned my back to this non-mystery person and told Robert to look behind me and tell me who the guy was that was wearing the black sweater and white-collared shirt.  He replied with 'holy shit!  Is that Tom Cruise?!  It can't be.', but it totally was.  So, we stood about ten feet away hovering, stalking, there are so many awful words to describe what we were doing.  Robert said that he couldn't leave without saying something to him, but I said no way.  Because you know, I'm chicken, and I have this aversion to treating famous people like famous people.  Robert was insistant.  While we were standing there pretending that we weren't in the presence of awesomeness, someone walked up to us and introduced themselves to Robert and talked to him for a few minutes while I kept my eye on the big T.  When that guy and his wife walked off we moved a little bit closer.  We must have looked pathetic.  I bet Tom saw the whole act.  Finally Robert said 'I'm going for it', and I whined a little like I was getting ready to jump into a big pool of ice cold water, and followed him.  Katie Holmes was having a conversation with a woman standing across from her and Robert totally cut in front of them and made it impossible for them to hear each other, although Katie was nodding her head and acting like she understood what the woman was saying.  I guess she's a good actor.  Robert said something about not being able to wait to see the new 'Mission Impossible' movie, and something about sawing off his own leg to see it tonight, and Tom said we could call him Tommy and come hang out at his house after the party and in the morning he'd give a us a lift on his private jet to NYC to see a show with him, Katie, Suri, and the rest of his bunch.  Okay... Robert telling Tom Cruise that he would saw off his own leg was the last bit of truth in that sentence, but it would have been really cool if everything else had happened too.  Anyhoo, he shook Robert's hand, said that Robert had 'made his night' (that guy is just so nice!) and shook my hand and said it was nice to meet me.  We walked away with a heavy case of starstruck-idiot-syndrome and I couldn't stop smiling.  It was amazing.

We got home after midnight and I couldn't get to sleep because I kept thinking about everything that had happened.  The kids woke me up dark-and-early (who wants to wait for the sun to rise to start the day?  That's just so old-fashioned) and my feet were definitely dragging.  But then I thought about the night before, ate a couple of my mom's yummy biscuits, and started to feel a little better.

Life is good.

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  1. I am super jealous and clearly going to have to live through you!!!