Friday, September 23, 2011

Back To School Fun

On Sunday we went to the Back To School Picnic at Nolan's school.  Both kids had way too much fun. So much fun that by the end of the visit Robert ended up carrying both of them (at the same time) with their snoozing heads on his shoulders.  I told him not to carry both of them, but he insisted.  The bouncy house was, by far, the biggest hit.  Abby could have bounced all day.  Once Nolan found his friends, he moved on to the inflatable slide, which was also a big hit until he burned his elbow on the 63rd time down.  After that he decided he was done with the slide.  

Last night, Robert and I went to back to school night, which was only for the parents.  We saw his classroom, talked to both of his teachers, looked at the work that he has done, and had food and wine.  Yes, that's right.  Wine.  At a school function.  133rd reason that I love his school.  

Robert and I went to an after-Emmy party on Sunday.  It was not nearly as fun as the pre-Emmy party on Saturday.  This isn't a good picture, but how often do we get this dressed up for something?  Never.  So, I thought I'd post the picture anyways. 

How do I bribe Abby to sit on the potty?  I give her the ipad.  She loves the ipad, so the new rule is that she can only look at it when she is sitting on the potty.  She doesn't like the rule, but it works.  She finally peed in the potty today!

This is the view from our dining area window (right behind where I sit on my computer).  The lavender is nearly as tall as I am!  It's beautiful and it attracts hummingbirds, which is great entertainment!

. . . and from the back patio.

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