Sunday, February 12, 2012

New Home, New Adventures

Okay, okay.  I'm posting.  Cut me some slack.  I've had other people move all of my stuff to my new house, and other people help me pack all of our stuff before our move, and I've been incredibly busy having other people come to my house to set up various non-necessities like satellite TV and internet, and on Wednesday I have other people coming to install our TV above our fireplace and other people delivering a new mattress for Nolan's bed.  Other people doing things for me is taking up all of my precious time, leaving me with little time to post.  

What?  This should make my life easier?  You're right, it does.  I have no real excuse.  I'm just lazy.  

Our new house in Los Angeles is proof-positive that we are at least semi-permanently in California.  Having been in the state for almost a year, and having Nolan settled into a good school, this place is beginning to feel a little more homey.  Of course, now that we are in a different part of this massive city, I have to take on the chore of searching for my favorite Whole Foods, mall, pharmacy...(my life is so hard).  On the up side, I have already located my Target, and it's so much better than the one that I frequented in Encino.   So that's super exciting.  

What's been happenin' round these parts, ya ask?  

Well, Nolan announced as he climbed into the car after school one day that he had played tennis in P.E. and he loved it.  He said that it was better than ping pong, and he really enjoyed playing ping pong during our Kentucky visit last Christmas.  I immediately grabbed hold of his enthusiasm and took full advantage.  I signed him up for lessons.  He has had two lessons so far and he's doing an Amazing job!  His tennis instructor even said that he's really impressed with how well he is doing.  Most importantly, he enjoys it.  In the past Nolan has rejected every sport that we have tried to get him involved in, so his enjoyment of tennis gives me much enjoyment as well.  I love watching him practice - although, on a side note, at his first practice I stood on the sidelines (is that what you call the sides of a tennis court?) taking picture after picture on my phone and texting them to the grandparents.  After practice I told him how proud I was, that he did such a great job, and how much fun I had watching him.  His response was, 'you were on your phone the whole time'.  I got very defensive and showed him the pictures that I took and told them who I sent them to.  Then I hung my head in shame because I had disappointed my son even though I was only trying to show off his massive skills to his proud grandparents. 

Abby had her student interview at school yesterday.  Nolan's school has a primary program beginning at three years that is Montessori based, which I love.  The four little ones had to go with the teachers to the classrooms while the parents stayed in a separate room.  Did Abby cry, hold my leg, scream NO!,  and rip my heart out of my chest with her tears?   If you think that this is even a possibility you do not know my daughter.  She promptly forgot that I was in the room and walked away with the teacher, refusing to hold her hand, preferring to walk independently down the hallway commenting to all who would listen about the artwork on the walls.  She came back after about fifteen minutes telling me that she didn't want to go home, she wanted to stay at 'schoo'.  

Bebe is doing well.  We are still working on house training.  We took our first walk with her on a leash last night and it was a huge success.  Our new yard has a lot of snails in it at night and she likes to pick them up.  I feel sorry for the snails and so I try to get them out of her mouth - it's a rather disgusting process.  She is still chewing everything that she can get her little mouth on and occasionally biting Abby's and Nolan's feet, although she has gotten a little better about that.  All in all, we still enjoy our little pig squealing, incredibly gassy, snoring dog baby.

I don't have many pictures, as my camera is still packed away in one of these cardboard cubes stacked up around my house.  I have a few on my phone that I will share.  I will try to post more frequently for my disgruntled family members who keep telling me that I need to post.  As soon as other people stop doing things for me, I should have a lot more time on my hands.  

She may be gassy, and may snore like a pig, but she knows she's still a lady.

I don't really have any pictures of the house right now, but you can see a portion of our kitchen behind these beautiful flowers that our realtor brought us when we moved in.

Abby and Bebe ate a snack together on our first day in the new house.  Abby is sitting on Bebe's bed, of course.

Nolan playing tennis!  This was his second lesson.


  1. Kitchen looks much better now. Not sure if it is the different color on the cabinets or maybe Abbey in it. lol (-: